Friday, November 16, 2007

Westward, Ho!

Me and the Brood are heading to the Magic Kingdom for a week of revelry. We've not had a real family vacation since before I deployed, and we all headed off to a six flags.

I LOVE theme parks. Bad, overpriced food, flat/warm/stale beer, long lines, and there's never a good bar when you need one. But really, the joy of watching the kiddos on the rides, and hopefully getting to interact--she as a princess and he as a padawan jedi, should be wonderful.

Not wonderful, is the long airplane rides. Luckily, we'll have a stop along the way to stretch and relax a bit.

Oh, and I get to join Jeff and Patti for Thanksgiving! That is going to be a hoot. Maybe we'll even have a blogmeet while in Anaheim. (This assumes anyone in the southern half of the People's Republic of California besides Patti reads this blog...)

Adelle has already chosen the three purses se'll be taking for the trip, and has been trying to pack since Tuesday. Unfortunately, she is quite... retentive...

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