Thursday, December 27, 2007

Finally, a Hilton I would want to meet.

Looks like there is some justice in the world, and still those who stand for decency among the uber-wealthy.

Of course her family will still have to get by on the remaining $70 million, but at their current rate of expenditures on legal bills, publicists, Judges and other elected officials for leniency in her "transgressions of good and decent behavior" (known as felonies like repeated drunk driving, and misdemeanors like public drunkenness, driving on a suspended license--twice--and violating probation) I expect she'll be destitute not later than 2010, and either showing her beaver to Japanese tourists at the airport nudie bar, or guest starring on celebrity boxing with Danny Bonaduce.

Now, can we just file this under "waiting for the crash and burn before rehab and obscurity" and get on with important matters? Like the public and the fourth estate fifth columnists seem to have forgotten since early 2003 that we are fighting in Afghanistan. And that we are winning in Iraq. My bet is that we'll achieve victory in Iraq, just in time for whoever is in charge to withdraw the troops, and blame their predecessor for letting it drag on, using the logic of "See? I brought them home and the country dinna collapse, you should've done it sooner."

And hilary clinto is still an nutty, ugly lesbian. Saw this web clip where she is labeling gifts--health care, universal pre-K, Bring the troops home, etc. as though they are to be given to the rabble for christmas. They can't afford bread, so they'll have to make do with cake. I kept looking for the package entitled "Protection of the 2nd amendment" and the stocking full of cash she's going to use to fund all of these programs without a) raising taxes or b) doing what the other clinton did and gutting the military to reduce defense spending. (As I am certain the cripples will be the first ones mustered out.)

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