Saturday, December 01, 2007

Go Army.... just go.

Glad to see the son of slum and gravy are continuing their role-modeling of the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami dolphins, and the Cleveland browns.

3-38? Are you kidding me?

Normaly, I'd defend the effort made, the fine playing, and use words like determination, honor, etc. I may even comment on how the Army is busy fighting a two-front war, while the navy is... doing whatever it is the navy does.

Except that when we talk Army vs. Navy, we're only talking about a teeny-tiny portion of the the Army. ROTC commissions about 5000 officers per year, while west point commissions about 1000 or so annually. I assume that the brothel in MD is the same size. To most Americans, Army-Navy is touted as the be-all, end-all, of the best of America's services, sowing the seeds on the fields of friendly strife, which will on other days, on other fields, produce the fruits of victory, or something like like that.

But that is a lie. USMA is a great military college, but that doesn't mean that every graduate is a great officer, or even a great soldier. (The term ring-knocker came into being somehow.) Indeed, many a relationship between NCO and officer is put on the rocks simply because the young LT announces that he comes from Woo Poo U. There is actually a (earned or not) reputation among enlisted soldiers that Young West-Pointers have to overcome before they are really taken seriously as leaders.

I don't hate USMA. In fact, I applied once (and went to the Preparatory School for it, too) but it fell out of esteem for me after visiting it, and realizing that I would lose my Army College fund if I attended school there. Many of the finest men I know (Josh, Rich, Vincent, Chris, Dan, Larry) all went to West Point. For them, their alma mater may have built upon their character, but it wasn't all that defined them. Indeed, what they did after college speaks volumes to their credit.

Since I doubt that the Army team will attempt to disparage anyone of the notion that they do represent the entire Army, I'd rather they just win once in a while.


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