Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bandages, Bravery, and... Bono?

The Mrs. and I went to WRAMC yesterday to schedule surgery #35. I'll get cut sometime in January, most likely around the 24th. I am having a tendon transferred from the back of my left index finger, wrapped around the back of my hand, past my ring finger, across my wrist, and attached to my thumb. Should allow me some use as a opposable thumb (climbing back up the evolutionary ladder.)

On my right hand, we'll be trying to repair my thumbnail, which has been growing in two pieces since I was wounded. Well remove the nail, reduce the scar in the nailbed, and hopefully it'll grow back into a single nail.

After visiting the world's best orthopedic surgeon COL (RET) Allan Smith, the Mrs. and I went to ward 54 to visit. Met a few wounded soldiers, and passed along best wishes and (I hope) some hope. Met with some secret service agents who were also visiting the ward, they were giving out shirts.

Was very pleased to see that the sew much comfort closet was full, and that some of the wounded had received soldiers angels laptops. Never mentioned who it was that thought of the whole thing. Just glad to see them with the machines. One soldier from 1-77 Armor in Germany was showing me pictures of the guys in his tank platoon, and the photos of the sergeant who died while rescuing him. He even told me how he uses the computer to keep in contact with his unit, and with his wife, who was in Germany (she's from there.)

He's been at WRAMC for almost a year, and will be spending Christmas there with his dad. He's having his leg re-broken (so the other bone will heal properly) in a few days. His dad was grateful for the laptop too, because he saw how it helped him mentally and emotionally recover. he is looking forward to seeing his son finish college--from his hospital bed.

Then I met Bono. It was definitely the LEAST impressive thing I did that day. Personally, I think he's a good entertainer, but politically a pretentious twat. But I do thank and respect him for coming to visit. I didn't hear him play anything, but he was carrying his guitar, and believe he'd serenaded some of the patients that day. He was nice enough to stop and talk to anyone, ant took lots of photos with patients and staff alike.

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