Wednesday, December 05, 2007

This oughta piss off the Mrs...

While in Vegas for the blogworld new media expo, I had the distinct pleasure of escorting Ms. Gina Elise and her mother, Char. Aside from being drop-dead gorgeous, (and so is her daughter,) the two of them were selling Gina's pin-up calendar. All of the proceeds from her calendar go to support a poly-trauma unit at a VA hospital, and to purchase calendars for wounded and deployed service members.

Her efforts are even co-sponsored by the American legion.

Having met Ms. Elise, I can tell you that she is a real sweetie. The Mrs. doesn't necessarily approve , because she is insanely jealous when it comes to me being around models. I think her jealousy is cute, although misplaced. Aside from being a perfect gentleman, I am too old and too ugly to even turn Gina's head. I would have better chances doubling down on a field bet on the craps table.

The reason I mention this now is that Christmas is fast approaching, and there are always last-minute gifts to buy, as well as people clamoring to get something that a soldier deployed away from home would love.

I think most 19-25 year olds would absolutely love getting one of these in the sandlot, and I strongly doubt any of them would be refused. Plus, your gift to a service member would also continue to give, with the sales proceeds going to the trauma center.

One last pic for you perverts:

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