Sunday, January 27, 2008

Home again

Aaaaaaand.... we're back home. Got home Sat. evening about 5:30. Got the kiddos and ate a simple dinner. And I am exhausted!!! Chuck is doing well, all things considered. Sleeping off and on and taking his "wonder drugs." He has a follow-up on Tuesday, which they didn't tell us until pre-op on Thursday (Thanks for the head's up!).

I thank you all soooo much for your kind thoughts, comments, prayers, etc. It is still surreal to me to have this blog family who has supported us through so much. You all are much appreciated and deserve some sort of medal for your love of our troops and their families. Don't hold your breath... I'm still waiting for my medal (ha ha!).

By the way, Chuck said that if he has one more surgery he gets a free gender reassignment! The only problem... he's not sure which one to choose! God help us!!!

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