Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Official

I've discussed this before, and most recently with the Mrs.

We are not happy with the current state of our government or our country. Here's why:
Our government is too far detached from the American People. Unless you are wealthy, you are seen as the "Great Unwashed" and relegated to eating cake. We are seen as subjects, and not constituents, unless we have $$$$ to give to PACs and Campaign funds.
Our Congress seems to have lost its collective mind, and certainly their copies of the constitution. They forget that we do not exist to support their pork projects, their Ponzi schemes, and their Utopian ideology. We are tired of raising a village by the sweat of our brow. We do not enjoy working to pay for the laziness of others.
We hate seeing America slip as a world power, because of our own debt our dollar is quickly reaching devaluation equivalent to the ruble. Because of our weak foreign policy when it comes to using our strength, we are a laughing stock to the third world and the dictators who run it.
We believe that America is the greatest country in the world, and can be recognized as such through a combination of benevolence to our allies and belligerence to our enemies.
We see that our military has been sent on missions for the last sixty years that have no exit strategy, and vow to never send our sons and daughters into harms' way without clear goals to accomplish before returning or declaring victory, and we have no concern for the "power vacuum" left after we leave. That is the problem of our enemies. When we do go to war, we go to war with the entire country, not just to change regimes. Our foreign policy is simple: You've no greater ally, and no worse enemy. You are with us in all endeavors, or against us. We will not support any government that is not a democracy. We will not stomach using freedom's dividends to support dictators or caliphates.
Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. Those who come to this country illegally are criminals, and will be treated as such; they will be deported, and their families with them. Anchor babies may not stay, because they cannot benefit from the crimes of their parents. When they reach the age of maturity, they may return as citizens.
Our borders are porous and must be sealed. We must defend all that we have worked so hard to achieve. Until we can do that, we shall not spend one cent on foreign nations. We will certainly defend the borders as we would protect our own homes.
The second amendment to the constitution is simple to read. All Americans can own and carry whatever weapons they can afford--guns, knives, swords, and even tactical nuclear weapons--if they can afford to research, develop, and build a nuclear weapon, they can have one.
Our energy policy is simple as well: we will construct enough nuclear, solar, wind, water, and coal power generation systems as necessary to provide our own energy needs for the next 50 years. All taxes on gasoline or other oil imports will be repealed, and market forces will determine the price of gas. If people want to drive a thirsty vehicle, then they will have to pay the price. We will make electricity so cheap and plentiful that non-polluting cars can become a reality.
We will not allow products from nations hostile to the US to be sold here. China, North Korea, France, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Jordan, are all on that list.
Social security as we know it has to end. We simply cannot afford it. We should be providing for our children's future, and we cannot do that if we are taxing their wages to pay for our parent's care. I don't intend to leave destitute those senior citizens who must have their social security income to survive, but I think we can do better in choosing how we care for them.
I guarantee that I will veto any bill that impedes on the rights guaranteed in the constitution, and I will veto any bill that expands the authority of the federal government beyond the scope intended by the founders of this country. Any expansion in this area will be decided by popular vote.
I will direct my attorney general to prosecute the clinton family to the fullest extent possible, for the multiple felonies they have committed in their quest for power. Everything from the multiple "suicides" of opponents to blatant selling of national secrets, to running an undeclared business (the 1600 PA Ave. Motel Six.)
Gays can marry, women can do with their bodies as they please, and you can say "fuck" on the radio as they please. I do not intend to let our nation become a Gomorrah, but a person's individual behavior is between them and their savior, and will never be regulated by the government or any single church or belief system.
We will care for our wounded veterans, their families, and their survivors, both medically and financially, so that they may enjoy the fruits and freedoms they or their loved ones have fought so hard to provide us all.

Carren and I know how great this nation is and can be. WE love our country, and have willingly given of ourselves our entire adult lives to better our country, not for fame or fortune, but because we believe in America. We want to look out for the best interests of the citizens of our nation, instead of the best interests of ourselves, as most inside the beltway already do.


(Also, if we do get elected, Adelle will have a secret service detail until 2026, until she's 22. As a father, that'd make me VERY happy.)

And Carren will keep me grounded.

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