Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Surgery # 35

Yep. Chuck is having surgery # 35 (outpatient) this Friday. We are headed to D.C. at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow for pre-op appointments. Then we are hoping to link up w/ Patti from Soldiers Angels and Ginger from Sew Much Comfort.

So once again my mind and body are going through the build-up of anxiety. It is NOT fun. After all this time, it just doesn't get easier. It's not so much the surgery that is anxiety-provoking... it's all the emotional baggage that goes with it. Particularly when we get home. That's always hard because Chuck has to recover from surgery - physically and mentally - and I have to drive on and pretend I'm not losing my mind. Don't get me wrong, Chuck is supportive and does what he can to help while he is recovering, but it's just hard to deal some days. I'm doing my "positive self talk" that I tell my clients to do. I'm also not thinking in all negative perspectives. But it is not easy to psych myself up for this adventure. I'd tell you how Chuck feels about all this, but I have absolutely NO clue what goes through his head when surgery is on the horizon.

I'll post when I can to keep everyone updated on Chuck's surgery/recovery. The kiddos are staying with good friends of ours, so that is one stressor I don't have to deal with - I know they will be well taken care of. (Thanks Heather and Joe!!!)

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