Wednesday, January 02, 2008


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So, I mentioned that our cat Spike was at the vet and he was going to be okay. Well, not so much. Chuck got a call from the vet today - Spike is now in kitty Heaven. The vet said he was really surprised because Spike was doing so well the other day. I guess he just couldn't hold on.

We told the kiddos about Spike and they took it pretty well (20 minutes of tears and talking about Spike and they were off playing again). Kids are so resilient.

My car is in the shop and we have a rental now. I have to remember not to kiss deer with the front of my car. It hurts the car! ;)

I also want to add that I know our lives could be much worse than what we have experienced in the first 2 days of 2008. And my posts are not complaints - just letting y'all know what fun we are having! And my fun meter is all tapped out for, well, 2008.

Hope y'all are having a great new year!

God Bless!
The Mrs.

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