Friday, February 29, 2008

Bring out yer dead...

Y'know the movie outbreak with Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding jr., where the town is infected with some weird monkey-pox, and they instruct the citizens to hang a sheet from their windows if the house is sick?

That's my house. Last week, Carren and I went to Pasadena to attend the soldiersangels executive directors/board meeting. We flew the kids to Raleigh to spend the weekend with my mom, sister, and their cousins. Unfortunately, my nephews and niece all had a strain of the flu virus that wasn't covered by last year's flu vaccine. The kids have the flu, with Bubba being the hardest hit. e's been running a 101+ temp all week.

Of course, since one of the many wonderful tings i inherited from my father is an allergy to the flu vaccine (not allergic to eggs or chicken, just getting vaccinated ALWAYS=getting pneumonia) I don't get a flu shot. Usually, it means I get the flu for 3-4 days each year. This time, I have some weird strain of herpecocegynecephalitis... and I get to spend the next two days plaing in the snow (and sleeping outside) while training my students.

Joy of joys.

One bit of good news; I got my cast off on Wednesday, and now only have to wear a brace for another two weeks. I also get to start occupational therapy from square one, too. Hooray!

I'll raid the linen closet later today for a sheet to hang up.

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