Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Debunking Buddah

Here we go again..
Just out of curiosity... Why the hate for Buddhists?

Where to start, Grasshopper?
1. Orange Robes.
2. self-immolation as a form of protest/political commentary (on that front, however, It'd fully endorse budda to Code Pink.O)
3. Less humorously--You basically have two groups within Buddhism. The first are the mystics, whose core beliefs are polytheistic and steeped in tales of fallible gods, or gods prone to man's own flaws. (irrational anger, jealousy, trickery, etc.) In the demystified buddhism, those "believers" take the deities out of the religion, and simply practice the belief system, meditation, etc. without putting any of it into perspective of man and god. Without God, it isn't a faith, just perspective. And I truly hate the Godless.
4. Reincarnation--stupid idea. You only get one shot on the big blue marble. After that, we are all dust.
5. The whole concept of zen...perfect nothing. The goal of the meditation, "oneness" a completely empty mind and conscious, leave you open to have your head, and soul, filled with anything.
5. Belief that true insight does not issue from specialized knowledge, from membership in
coteries, from doctrines or dogmas. It comes from the preconscious intuitions of
one's whole being, from one's own code. (so feeling, vs. logic, is more important.) Preconceptions and prejudice dominate.

In the whole, their idealism of "live and let live, accept the world as it is, change is inevitable, but should not be sought, except within self, is all garbage. If everyone believed the way they did, we'd have had little, if any changes in science, society, or understanding since Mr. "my body is a temple... a big, fat temple" Buddha sat his ass under a tree and daydreamed about becoming one with himself.


P.S. Don't even ask about the amish.

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