Monday, February 18, 2008

I think I will get a fish

//UPDATE// Major was found last night and taken to an animal shelter. I found him there today at 1200.//Small Miracles. --Chuck//

I returned home from work today to find that my best friend, a 70lb Yellow Lab named Major, had apparently found something better to do with his time.

Disregarding the radio-fence collar, he left the back yard for parts unknown. It's five hours later and a light snow is falling, as is the temperature. Carren and I have both toured the neighborhood, but to no avail.

Tomorrow I will check the pound, and drive the streets again, but I've a sinking feeling that he isn't coming back.

Jebus Cripes I hate Mondays. I swear, I was petting him this morning, sipping coffee and debating taking him to work. He loves the attention he gets from the students, and he just hangs out with me. But I had lots to do, and knew I'd not really spend any time with him anyway, so I left him at home.

And now he's gone.


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