Friday, February 15, 2008

A point of clarification: Mormons

I've made my fair share of disparaging comments here about The sons of Joe Smith... unless you haven't been paying attention, and have not read and memorized everything I've ever written, (shame on you) you might realize that I disparage most things, at one point or another.

Usually, I make fun of things because it will either piss people off who don't understand what I am really doing--or because I find humor in it.

Huh, I had a lot of respect for you from my occasional visits to this blog until I read the "mormon" comment. As a Marine and a Mormon, I feel roughly the same when I read people make bigoted comments about my religion as I do when they make comments about my Corps.

Well, now I know how you are.

I've said this before: The only people I hate are Buddhists and the Amish. If it were up to me, we'd burn Buddhists at the stake, except that all the other Buddhists would see it, and assume it was a protest instead of a punishment. As far as the Amish go, I think their beards look stupid, and so do the beards on their men. But at least they worship a Christian form of God--at least as he was 400 years ago.

As for my anti-romney comments, I don't see the church of latter-day saints as a true church (i.e. a Christian Church). If I did, then I'd likely be a Mormon. I don't believe Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, or any of the other founders we contacted by angels or anything of that nature.

That is what I believe. I can't prove it, it is a matter of my faith. Just as you can't prove it, it is a matter of your faith. While I respect that you are faithful to your religion, I wouldn't vote for you because you don't believe in the same God I do. Our President is not the religious leader of our country, but I do believe that people make decisions based on how they were raised, and how they pray. So my choice--my freedom, is to vote my belief system.

So yes, I am a religious Bigot. I think my God is better than your god, that my God is the only God, and your god isn't my God. The only person I will ever have to answer to in that regard is, well... God.

As for disparaging commentary about the Naval Infantry of the United States, until you stop making dungeons and dragons recruiting ads, ya'll are fare game. By the way, the US Army took more ground, with fewer casualties, in every war we've fought. The Jar-heads don't fight well, just viciously. (THAT oughtta get some commentary going!)

Aside from choosing my God, and making fun of others for their beliefs, I can say what I want to here. This is MY blog. I can say what I want, how I want. If I offend you, realize that I represent me, and me only, not the Army, or SoldiersAngels, or VALOUR-IT. This is Chuck's Blog.

And until the 2nd amendment is repealed, and the gummint then takes away the 1st, I will say what I damn well please. Mitt Romney is a douche bag.

Get it through that jar-shaped head of yours: I don't hate anyone because of what they believe (except the Amish and Buddhists). I hate individuals because of the way they act. For the record, a very dear friend of mine is a direct descendant of Joe Smith, and I didn't know that until she told me, and it hasn't changed our friendship one iota. I give two shits where you go to pray, until where you go to pray has an impact on my life--like, say, if you wanted to be my president and stuck your ass up in the air five times a day to sniff your bathmat--you may be the best attributes of Madison, Lincoln, both Roosevelt's, Regan, Washington, Jefferson, and U.S. Grant, but I wouldn't vote for you.


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