Saturday, March 08, 2008

I am not in the hospital - and neither is Creighton!!!

UPDATE (by The Mrs.): Creighton was discharged from the hospital this evening. We (well, I) were quite surprised. He is sleeping soundly in his own bed right now, and his little sister is happy to have her "roommate" back!

I can't thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers. Hospitals are, well... not exactly my favorite place to be. Creighton was a real trooper and Adelle has handled things very well. So now we are all home - it's been a long weekend. And again, I can not thank you all enough for your unending love and support through the "Ziegenfuss Family Adventures!" SOME day our lives will be boring.... maybe ;)

God Bless!
The Mrs.

//Update--Creighton still isn't keeping anything down. Fever is hovering around 100 with spikes and drops every so often. Dr. thinks he may have pneumonia as well as another virus. He'll be in the hospital until at least Tuesday. I canceled my TDY, so I don't have to travel to Fort Lewis this week, fortunately. The hard thing for me to bear in miind is that although I'm no stranger to hospitals, he is.

Carren, of course, is strong as ever. Not like a rock, mind you, but more like a coiled high-tension steel spring. She can deal with this stuff in stride, but don't be anywhere in the blast radius when it becomes too much. Seriuosly, we are all okay, just taking turns staying with him at the hospital. Our friend heather has been so wonderful looking after Adelle, too. Thanks Heather!


... my son is. He's been stricken with pneumonia, and has had fever running in the 101-103 range for more than a week. Antibiotics aren't working, and tylenol/motrin aren't doing diddly for it, either.

His body is now cramping due to electrolyte loss, from the inability to keep food down. So on top of feeling crappy, he's also in pain.

Now we're being told he could be in for a few days, because they aren't sure why he's not doing better.

Pray for him.


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