Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Banning smoking

I think we should all encourage our local gummints to ban smoking in all public areas, and some private ones.

Not just in buildings, but outdoors, too, as it pollutes overall air quality, and increases our carbon footprint.

Also, any house where a minor (any person under 21) is present, or if a minor lives in that house but isn't home, should be off-limits to smoking.

Cars too, as children will ride in them, or the likelihood to being distracted while driving from smoking, or by a passenger smoking, can lead to more vehicle accidents.

As a matter of fact, even houses without children should be banned from smoking, because they will have to open their doors sooner or later and pollute the clean air outside.

Really, since there are so many health risks associated with smoking, and the burden to pay for the healthcare costs incurred by smokers lies at the taxpayer's feet, we should ban smoking completely.

As soon as we do that, we should legalize pot. You can have all you want, but you'd better not smoke it.

Smelly hippies.


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