Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh come now, was it that bad?

Honestly, what are you people on? If I ever do quit this blogging thing, (and odds are I will someday say something that someone in power will take umbrage with), well, Carren will have to post about it. After all, we Army types are not the kind of folks who will tell someone "You must stop doing 'X'. You can do it one more time, to tell everyone you won't do it anymore, but that's it."

The oneth of April is a near-sacred holiday in Casa del Chuck, you can thank Mom Z for that. She played practical jokes on me when I was in high school. Hell, she did it when I was AT high school.

All's fair on the 1st. God, I just hope I never get wounded on April Fools Day. Nobody would believe me. Then again, maybe y'all would...


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