Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out of the mouths of Babes (kids, not "hot women")

So we were sitting the dinner table enjoying "brinner" (breakfast for dinner... never heard the term before... I think Chuck made it up). Anyway, the kiddos watched the movie "Spaceballs" this morning (for the millionth time - it's Creighton's new favorite) and Adelle says very innocently:

Adelle: Hey Mom. Remember on Spaceballs when Princess Vespa (?) kills all the bad guys and Barf says 'Holy SHIT!!!'

Yep, she said "the word!" I was completely stunned and Chuck had to cover his mouth because he was laughing. I was FINE until I saw his evil smirk! So I had to be the brave one and try reeeeaaalllly hard not to laugh!

Me: Adelle! You can't say that word! That's a bad word!

And she started crying. I guess she really didn't know it was a bad word so she was upset and thought she was in trouble. She got out of her chair and smashed her face into my side (while I was trying desperately not to laugh). She saw Chuck laughing and said, "Daddy stop laughing at me!" His reply? "Adelle, I am not laughing at you. I am thinking about something funny from work." Yeah, like she believed that.

We assured her that she was not in trouble. And we reinforced the fact that "the word" is not okay to say.

It was damn funny, though!

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