Thursday, May 29, 2008

America vs. Europe

A few things to remember anytime someone compares our great nation and Europe, with Europe being better:

We left Europe, because there was no hope for worshiping as we saw fit, there was no hope for growth, there was no hope for change, and there was no... freedom. The bill of rights shows everything that europe didn't have. And it was so bad that people would risk a cross Atlantic voyage on wind-powered wooden boats, where survival wasn't guaranteed, to be deposited in a land of no comfort, where they would have to make everything they needed.

There's a reason the statue on Liberty Island faces Europe, bearing the phrase "yearning to breathe free."

For more, see Rodger. It's funny.

As far as poor, weak, huddled masses, and my opinions on immigration, they DO match up. It's the yearning to breathe free qualifier that makes it so. I have no problem with immigrants who move here from oppressive societies, as long as they understand that "yearning to breathe free" means they adopt OUR way of life, not try to make their old way of life, ours. It's why I don't support immigration of Muslims, The Reconquistadors, or Buddhists. They think their way of life is better than ours, and therefore don't yearn to breathe free, but would rather make us live under the rules of their homeland, religion, or creed.


Update: This just in, for the "yeah, but that was then" crowd.

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