Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hurricane hits New Orleans and Louisiana.

President Bush offers help.

Government of LA (A sovereign state)refuses.

People die.

President Bush is evil.

Now replace Hurricane with Cyclone, and Louisiana with Myanmar.

Bush is still evil, apparently.

The Burmese (the people of Burma, a country we liberated from the Japanese in WWII) suffer because their government is idiotic. In a time when world food prices are skyrocketing (so we can fuel our SUVs cheaper) we offer thousands of metric tons of food, aid supplies, medicines, and every other think our vast economy is capable of providing, and ask nothing in return, and Burma tells us to pound sand.

What the hell?

Well, since one of the classic blunders is getting involved in a land war in asia, "bombing" them with care packages would just raise the ire of their gummint and put our air crew's lives in danger.

Foreign aid to Asian countries most often just lines the pockets of whoever is in charge at the time, whilst the little brown people starve.

Why bother? President Bush is the anti-christ, and nothing will change that in the eyes of those who hate him. Why waste our treasure helping people who don't want it? If we do, their gummint will propagandize our efforts as imperialism, and we're the bad guy. If we don't then the people will see us as not concerned with them, and we are still the bad guy.

The right thing to do?

Nothing. Their gummint doesn't want our help, we should respect their sovereignty.

We should drop empty care packages, and send crates of wax fruit.


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