Saturday, May 03, 2008

Day One Complete: 2008 Face of America Bike Ride

Phase 1:
No shit, there we were. 0230 this morning Chuck and I rolled into Bethesda after attending his ROTC formal (He was actually the "head cheese" at the event. Scary!). Once we finally got settled we managed to get about 2 hours of sleep and all of a sudden Chuck yells, "Carren! It's 5:45 (am)! Get up!" (while he's lying next to me in bed...). I had set my alarm for 0500 and I don't remember it actually going off. So I flew through the shower and (eventually) out the door we went.

Phase 2:
We got to the starting point for the race. Chugged some coffee, ate some breakfast and waited... and mingled with others because Chuck and I are good at that :) We also linked up with Laughing Wolf (Blake) from Blackfive, which was a good thing since he is borrowing my touring bike (minor details on a bike ride of 110 miles!). I was running to and fro - I registered as a volunteer for the event and, for once, I just did what I was told to help out.

Phase 3:
The race started around 0900-ish. I was hangin' with other Soldiers' Angels and volunteers while Chuck started the bike ride of his life. Hey, it takes serious balls (or ball) to attempt a 110 mile bike ride after only having your bike for 2 weeks. Gotta give the man some credit, eh?!

Phase 4:
I went to each of the rest stops to help with whatever and be there to kindly assist Chuck and Blake with drinks, food, etc. We ate lunch at the 2nd rest stop and Chuck was off again. He was hangin' tough and I was very proud of him (and you too, Blake). After the third leg of the race Chuck was beat. He was sweating like he had stopped taking his meds and his knee was killing him. Blake's knees were also not cooperating, so they both hopped in the nice, cool truck with me. And.... big surprise.... Chuck passed out in the truck!

Phase 5:
Chuck and Blake chose to sit out the last two legs of the race. They are hoping some rest and a good night's sleep will recharge their knees and other aching body parts for the rest of the ride tomorrow (another 45 miles to go!). And, as I write this, where is Chuck? Why am I writing this and not Chuck? Any guesses? He's at the hotel bar... Go figure!

So tomorrow we will rise in the morning in time (I hope) to leave the hotel by 0530. Gee, I'm excited, can ya tell?

I have to say that this has been a blast for me. Those of you who know me already know that I LOVE to talk (just not quite as much as Chuck) and I love supporting our troops! I have met some amazing people and have been reunited with friends I have known for some time. It's just a blast. Seriously. I'm even considering (NOT committing) to train and ride with Chuck next year. Maybe... You all have GOT to take part in this event next year! It's awesome!

Thank you all who donated and helped Chuck raise money for this event. You all ROCK!

God Bless!
The Mrs.

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