Friday, May 16, 2008

GI Film festival

2008 GI Film Festival

The second annual GI Film Festival will take place in Washington, DC from May 14-18. In addition to film screenings and other fun happenings, the festival will present a series of panel discussions.

The festival has added a panel on milblogging to this year's agenda.

The nation’s military blogging community (Milblogs) prides itself on providing military news and context that you won’t often find in the mainstream media. Join some of the nation’s most popular milbloggers in a spirited discussion on how GIs and military families are portrayed in the media and on film. For more information about Milblogging, see, the world’s largest index of military blogs.

Runtime: 01 hr : 30 min

Me, Carren (The Mrs.) , Matt, The Donovan and Bill Roggio will be sitting on the panel. If you're in the Washington area, get a ticket to attend.


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