Friday, May 09, 2008

Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Yes, Military Spouse Appreciation Day is TODAY, May 9, 2008! If you head on over to SpouseBuzz (my "other home"), you will find a wonderful guest post written by Lieutenant General Caldwell where he honors military spouses.

If you are a military spouse, THANK YOU for supporting your service member! Recognition of military spouses grows every day. Not just in our communities, but all the way up to The President. Be proud of your "position" in our military. We may not wear a uniform, but we wear a "badge of honor" in our hearts every day that we stand beside our spouses... even when they are not "home." May God Bless you all!

If you are NOT a military spouse, make sure you honor your friends and family members who carry this badge of honor!

P.S. I did not write this post for you to tell me "Thank You" or anything like that. It's not about me... it's about making sure other military spouses know how important they are to their families and to our country!

One final note: Today is Chuck's and my 11th anniversary!!! And we haven't killed each other yet...

Love you, Chuck!!!

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