Sunday, May 11, 2008

Patti Wins!

I have to admit, when the show started with Hillary about talking raising her daughter with values, (Like the definition of "is"? Like how important it is to kill people who have information you don't want released?) I sort of threw up in my mouth a little.

Okay, that's not important.

Patti is America's Favorite Mom!

Tonight was named as America's Favorite mom on the Teleflora contest. Thanks to all of you who voted like democrats (early and often) for her.

Except for the things she's contractually obligated to keep (the pendants, the trip to St. Lucia, etc.) everything else goes to Soldier's Angels. She's even going to name the rose after SA.

The best part of the night for her was getting to see he son Brett via satellite in Iraq. Any other winnings pale in comparison.

The haul:

* $250,000 (As an annuity of $12,500 per year)
* GE Café-appliances,including full kitchen range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher
* GE Frontload washer and dryer
* Diamond encrusted pendant inscribed "America's Favorite Mom"
* Flowers for a full year from Teleflora
* A rose named for her, compliments of Teleflora
* Gourmet gift basket compliments of Kraft Singles
* REDBOOK Love Your Life Prize Package
* Winner and a guest will be flown to NYC for a pampering experience including: airfare, deluxe accomodations (2 nights, 3 days), beauty makeover and spa treatment, and lunch with REDBOOK Editor-in-Chief Stacy Morrison. (Patti has to go, but she'll be taking a soldier's spouse with her for the trip.)

* St. Lucia Family Vacation Courtesy of Coconut Bay
All-inclusive package includes round-trip air, 2 rooms for 5 nights, a spa day for mom, and a family round of paintball. Vacation for up to 5 people in the immediate family

Plus, as a Finalist she won:

* $25,000
* GE Frontload washer and dryer
* A Diamond pendant inscribed "America's Favorite Mom."
* Flowers for a full year from Teleflora
* Gourmet gift basket compliments of Kraft Singles

Of all the contestants I saw online, Patti was the only one who had already promised any winnings to a charity. Something you all should know about Patti--she is not a woman of great financial means. $250,000 is a life changing sum of money for many of us, including her. How many of us could look upon a windfall like that, and all of the "things" in our life that we want, and turn it over to a charity?

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