Saturday, May 17, 2008

We pay for the freedom, can someone else pay for the socialism?

Honestly, I've never really understood why military pay is taxed when we aren't overseas.

I know it's a "burden" we all "share" as members of this great society, but I always though that the burden carried by service members was heavy enough as it is. (You know, that whole deployment/maiming/dying thing.)

So I figured out a way to let military off the hook as far as taxes go.

14 million illegal immigrants: come and get your citizenship! You'll be taxed at a rate just 1% higher than the rest of us legal immigrants, which will probably cover the disparity in tax revenues from the one million or so people in uniform.

Even better, anyone who is not in the immediate family (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, minor child)of a serving service member, or an honorably discharged veteran, also pays 1% more on their tax bill. We defend the constitution against all enemies, leaving John Q. to worry about his bank account. The veteran's preference would be a lifelong benefit, as you would have 1% lower taxes than John Q., and the boost to most service members would be an immediate 20-30% increase in pay.

How's that for a retention/enlistment incentive?

One small caveat: you can also avoid this tax burden (1% tax added) by volunteering 1/2 of your normal work hours (if you work 40 hours/week, you volunteer an additional 20) to a charity named by "America Supports You" then you too can defray the cost of taxes.

There. A very simple plan. it requires only that everyone do their part, or pay more if they don't to others who do, provides amnesty to illegals, and increases retention and enlistment pay for the military. Now how do I get this worked in to the Iraq reconstruction bill as a rider?

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