Sunday, June 29, 2008

Best arguments to carry a gun

I've found these to be the best arguments to carry a gun
1. law-abiding citizens do just that, they abide by the law. Their carrying weapons is no threat to any other law-abiding citizen.
2. if your daughter or wife were being raped, or your child abducted, would you rather I shoot the bastard, or call the police and give them a good description of the "suspect" and then help your wife or daughter to the hospital?
3. If you think people shouldn't keep loaded guns in the house, because the threat of home invasion is so low, do you lock your doors before you go to bed?
4. When seconds count, the police are just minutes away.
5. The Supreme court of the united states has decided and upheld the decision that the police are NOT responsible for your personal security. If they were, they would be liable every time a crime was committed.
6. When I carry open, people stare at me because they aren't sure if I am a threat. When I carry concealed, they don't even know if a threat is there (why open carry should be the law of the land, or concealed carry made as common as open carry--better a criminal doesn't know you are carrying, make them wonder about the threat to them.)
7. Anyone willing to depend on the police, or the National Guard, or the Military, or any other government organization for their personal safety has already surrendered their personal freedom to the government, and is the antithesis of what our founders considered to be the most American of Ideals: A Truly Free person.
8. "I'm carrying a gun and can kill you any time I want. How long do you think it'll take the police, military, or other gummint agency to get her to stop me? Since I have a gun and you don't, you have the rest of your life to answer. "

*(regardless of individual state statutes, laws, or regulations, I retain my individual right to self defense, and will not allow neither myself nor my family to be deprived of life or liberty by a criminal, nor by a nanny state which deems my gun any more dangerous than the oil-filter wrench in my garage. Tried by twelve vs. carried by six, and I will not stand idly by and watch my family harmed.)

I've sacrificed life and limb for these rights, and I will not tolerate their erosion or infringement. For any government to do so is to blatantly proclaim that everything I have sacrificed was for naught.

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