Friday, July 04, 2008

farking fiddlesticks!

Looks like Chris "Corky" Burke has some competition.

The big difference is, this guy admits that he's cognitively impaired retarded.** And he (and his parents) wear that like a badge of honor. "Yeah, I'm retarded.** Doesn't mean I can't 1) be funny 2) be talented or 3) make fun of myself and others."

He says "retard**" "wetback" and "F'ing fiddlesticks."

He doesn't just make fun of retards,** he makes fun of everyone--kind of like someone else I know.


**Of course, I'm prolly still wrong for using the r-tard word, because I am not one. Just like I can't say, write, or think N-gger (and I don't mean 'nagger'). And I have to refer to liberal democrats as liberal democrats, not fucktarded asswipe socialists, but that's another story.

(Also, if your cruising youtube, search for chad vader. You'll be tickled.)

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