Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going too far

First, Go here and read this.

Here is my reply, which generally stands on its own merit:

I think the problem, succinctly, is that people feel entitled to things that they've never earned.

Every freedom we have today has been purchased by someone else.
There are so many Americans who've NEVER wanted, let alone suffered, for anything. Their basic needs are met since they were in the womb, and will be met until they are in the tomb, simply because they were lucky enough to be born into our great society.

It's the basic flaw of every great society, that it is able to provide so well for its citizenry that they become accustomed to each level of comfort too quickly, and demand greater and greater comfort, until it reaches a level which can no longer be sustained or maintained. Those who've never worked for their comfort or security see comfort as a right, and have no idea what is required (of others) to maintain those comforts.

Suffering and sacrifice made this nation great, but I somehow doubt that any politician will make that his platform. Many saw their suffering as their duty "so their children wouldn't have to" but perhaps a little suffering in one's life is a good thing, because it makes you appreciate what you have, and what you need, as well as what is important.

--Or they could all just be a bunch of pussified retards.


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