Thursday, July 10, 2008


Dude told me dissent was patriotic. More to follow.


And now, the rest of the story:

Part 1: I was home early last night, around 6:30. So, I decided to go to the mall and wander about aimlessly. After taking a seat where I could watch people, Mr. Fancypants walks over and plops down, and begins to "Minister" to me.

Great. Flypaper for freaks time again. Why do people think dressing up like a Pimp is the way to persuade people to come to Jebus?

Turns out, he was (big surprise) pentecostal, and that he was also "against rule of the big government trying to control (I shit you not) our minds." We briefly discussed the use of foil to block experimental mind-control beams, but he believes that the foil doesn't work against the new (again, I shit you not) High-definition beams. This explains the congressional order to switch all TVs from analog to digital in February, because the analog signal reduces their ability to target specific individuals through their televisions.

And people wonder why I generally wear a scowl. he told me that dissent was patriotic, which I is a slogan have seen stuck on several bumpers here in the Northwest.

People, dissent is not by its nature patriotic. Reasoned Discourse is Patriotic, and necessary in our society. People need to question the government, but that doesn't mean they need to immediately assume that everything the government does is wrong (assuming any government function will be mismanaged, over budget, or make someone money is a safe bet, however.)

Our government must be questioned. Our leaders must be scrutinized. But knee-jerk reactions to every government action, based primarily on the reason that you didn't vote for the current leadership, is purely contrariety and (although throwing rocks is really fun) generally falls to accomplish anything. I know I write frequently about the idiocy of congress and SCOTUS (because they are pretty damn funny sometimes) but I will continue to do it no matter who is running the show. I generally don't mention the White House or the President because quite frankly, I support him. Hell, I like him. I don't agree with everything he does or has done, but I do agree with the overall plan of action he has for fighting the religion of peace.

Part II later, I need to go to work.

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