Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday Funny

Okay, I leave for Vegas in >24 hours. I will be drunk in ± 26 hours (if you plan on going to the Penthouse Party, shoot Blackfive an email telling him so.)

So, posting will be light today as The Mrs. and I still have take the kids to practice, pack, put the kids in bed, etc.

The code monkey has put the twitter code on the left sidebar for your use, this is how I plan on updating everyone who wants to know where we are and what we are doing.

I may post tomorrow during our layover in chitown.

Now then, on to teh funnay:

Try reading this to the kids with a straight face.

Points to my house.

Looks like the Gordon's Fisherman needs the UN to buy him a new Mercedes.

Stolen from

In a P.C. world, shouldn't it be "personhole?"

Very popular in the San Francisco Home Depot

DNC after party.

Just stay away from the soft serve, mayonnaise, and vanilla pudding.

"Just what kinda park is this daddy?"
"Hurry up Blanket, we don't want to miss the puppet show." (follow that link, it's too funny.)

Why the dem chicks really hate Pallin

I always suspected Archie was a poofter.

There are reasons people's children kill them in their sleep.

Finally, from my beloved stalker and zombiphobe, comes the fountain of youth.


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