Monday, October 06, 2008

The Battlebook III: A Guide for Spouses in Leadership Roles

I think this is a must read for all spouses, not just those in leadership roles.

cover for the spouse battle bookFrom the Commandant:

Today's military serves a Nation at War. The Battle Book III: A Guide for Spouses in Leadership Roles offers a wealth of information and resources that address the tough requirements of our times.

This handbook represents the caring work of spouses of students of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) Class of 2005 and was recently updated by the USAWC student spouses of the Class of 2007.

It is designed to help Families learn about the military and better understand the Soldier's mission. The Soldier, the spouse, and the Family work together as a team. This guidebook provides a well researched, well written, and well organized view to move that team forward.

Military Spouses have always been a cornerstone of support for Soldiers and their Families. Family readiness for Soldiers and their Families depends on education and support programs that promote self reliance and enhances individual and Family wellbeing.

We are confident this book will be a useful and valued resource for you in addressing the many challenges the face today's military leaders, our Soldiers, and their Families.

David H. Huntoon, Jr.
Major General, U.S. Army

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