Sunday, October 26, 2008

Project Promise Soldier

Project Promise Soldier is a new non-profit dedicated to helping soldiers. The group is simple in mission and broad in scope. Project Promise recognizes that there is an unspoken promise we, as citizens, make to care for our veterans and their families. Project Promise’s mission is to be part of the network of organizations that care for our wounded soldiers; to give something back to those who serve and protect our country and our citizens and to keep that unspoken promise. You can read about how Project Promise came to be by checking out our About the Charity and our Origins pages.

The idea that we make a promise to care for our soldiers is something my mother taught me in every day little ways. Every year we went to Veteran’s and Memorial Day parades. We bought poppies. My mother would remind my sister and I, when we forgot, to thank soldiers for their service. For me, respect for and being grateful to, those that serve and protect our country is one of those lessons I carry with me and try to pass down to my children.

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