Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seize Adventure

I met Paul a couple years ago at the last Milblog conference in DC. He is a severely disabled vet, confined to a wheelchair and somewhere between a para- and quadriplegic. I am not really sure which, because I didn't bother asking. I was just pleased to meet him, and didn't really give two shits about the chair. (I'll let you in on a great secret: when you meet someone in a wheelchair, ignore the chair. Don't treat them any differently, don't even recognize the chair. The chair doesn't matter one iota, the person in it does. The same thing applies to a uniform full of badges, tabs and medals. It's not what's on the shirt, but what's in it.)

Anyway, Paul is off on a grand adventure. He is traveling the US for an entire year, by himself. He'd wanted to camp out along the way, but is not able to manipulate a tent or trailer to his satisfaction, so he may be forced to stay in hotels along the way, which is going to cost money. He's looking for corporate sponsors, and Soldiers Angels is also going to help him out.

His website,, tracks his GPS location, so you can keep up with his day-to-day. If Paul is in your neck of the woods, please extend him an offer for a meal, a cup of joe, or a bed for the night. The best way to see America, in my not so humble opinion, isn't from a motel six, or even at the different monuments and points of interest, but in the homes and faces of the people who live here. Please show him some hospitality, and let him know that he is welcome home.


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