Saturday, November 22, 2008


We're losing the fight.

Not just as a branch, but as a fund raising effort.

Our goal is $250,000. After 11 days, with only 6 days left, we've only raised 20% of our goal.

Every single dollar counts. For those who've donated, you have my deepest gratitude. For those who are thinking about it, what is stopping you?

If you blog, perhaps you could contact corporate sponsors with this idea for a trade:

They donate, and based on their donation amount, you'll place an ad on your blog. The larger the donation, the longer it stays up. All they need to do is send the receipt email to you.

For those who read blogs, now is the time to engage your friends, family, work associates, clients, and even people in line at wal-mart. Don't just ask them to give, ask them to ask their friends to give. Get them to commit to it, and tell you when they do it.

Please. I'm begging you for those who can't beg.


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