Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gone Hunting

For the next 2 days, through Tuesday, I am going to be wandering the woods and game lands of North Western Pennsylvania looking for one of these:

This is the North American Black Bear.

If I should find one, (and the odds aren't great, but they aren't abysmal, either, I intend to place a 185 grain .270 caliber soft-nosed partial metal jacket boat tail bullet right behind the top of it's foreleg. This has a very high chance of hitting it's vital organs.

I don't miss, so bullet placement isn't too hard. The hard part will be finding the bear in the first place.

Once I take the bear, it's a simple matter of gutting (or "field dressing") it, then dragging it out of the woods (they are still pretty heavy) and getting it to a processing station/butcher and taxidermist. (I will mount the head, or maybe leave it on the rug.)

Wish me luck.


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