Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My dog's daily planner

My dog's daily planner
1. Sleep
2. Lick humans face to wake it up
3. Lick genitalia
4. Poop
5. Chase cat from kitchen, sniff its butt.
6. Eat
7. Sleep
8. Poop....a lot.
9. Sleep
10. Bark at nothing
11. Chase cat. Sniff its butt.
12. Lick own anus.
13. Stare at human until it gives me food
14. Poop
15. Sleep

My cat's daily planner
1. Sleep on female human's head.
2. move 1/2 inch when human female pushes me away.
3. try to sit on male human's head
4. wake up next to wall
5. meow until humans wake up, look surprised when they wake up. Purr.
6. follow humans into kitchen, meow for food.
7. run from dog who is trying to sniff my butt.
8. Venture back into kitchen when dog is busy sleeping
9. Eat. meow for more.
10. Ignore any further food offerings.
11. return to bed. lick self. Take my time.
12. Sleep.
13. wake up. Venture into kitchen, demand new food.
14. Ignore food offering.
15. Run from dog. What's the deal with him and butts, anyway?
16. Wait on bed for humans to come and warm it up.
17. Lie down between humans with face toward female and butt in male human's face.
18. Vault away from wall.
19. Sneak up on human female, curl up on her face.

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