Friday, December 19, 2008

California, Here I come...

Going to CA (Bay area) for the next few days.

There's a young teenager I met this spring at WRAMC. We talked to some of the guys on the Ortho ward, gave out a couple laptops, and he was so impressed by the courage they showed.

He has an arterial mass in his brain now, and could probably use some of that courage himself, so I'm leaving in the morning (yes, on my 36th birthday) to spend the weekend with him.

I've got a surprise for him too--he's about to become one of they youngest commissioned officers (if not the youngest) in the Army. Complete with Uniform, Certificate of Commissioning signed by none other than the Secretary of the Army, the Honorable Pete Geren. (SecArmy doesn't know he signed the commission, but he doesn't read this blog, (too bad for him.))

I've even got a set of gold bars to pin on him and PTs for when he gets better.

He will get better, too. And when he does, I'll be happy to have him as one of my young officers. I'll be happy to have him lead my son someday.

See you all on Tuesday.

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