Wednesday, December 17, 2008


58% of the visits to this lovely blog come from people who use Internet Explorer. I'm going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt (kinda) and assume that the reason you're still using IE is because you're surfing at work and they won't let you use cool browsers like Opera, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.

As you may have heard, IE has another a security hole that can get your computer a nasty case of cooties. If you haven't downloaded the patch, do it now. Your geek friend who you call when you break your computer will thank you that you're not calling them up a week before Christmas because you didn't pay attention to the warnings, thinking it's no big deal, only to find your system has cooties and your bank accounts are empty. (This one's a keystroke logger which means if you get it, you very well could be sending your passwords to China or Russia, with love.)

Links to the patch are after the jump:

Opera, the fastest and most beautiful browser on the planet. download now Spreadfirefox Affiliate Button
Get Safari
Get Google Chrome

Get a Mac (That's to placate the "Get a Mac" crowd. There, I said it. Now you don't have to.)

...or get the IE patch

Seriously, download a better browser or patch IE. Heck, do both. The patch takes <10 minutes (unless your system's completely out of date.) Tell your friends, call your mother, but please don't nag the geeks at work. They already know and they're dealing with it. People are taking this one very seriously. You should too.

-Code Monkey

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