Monday, January 19, 2009

It's ON!

Announcing the 2009 World T.E.A.M. (The Exceptional Athlete Matters) sports 2009 Face of America Bike ride.

This year, Team Chuck Z--Angels and Asphalt will conquer the 110 mile course from Bethesda MD to Gettysburg PA from 24-26 April.

I'm putting together a team of riders, support personnel, and supporters to go to this event, and possibly others. We're going to have few "needs" and a few more "wants" and we know the difference between the two!

Like I'll "need" air in my tires. I want a 15-pax van for equipment (bikes/helmets/repair parts) and personnel. (we used my pickup last year, and while it worked for Me and Blake, with a larger team, we'll likely need more space. Maybe even a uhaul-trailer or cargo truck--we'll see as the time draws near.

I'd like a few vehicle "team" signs--door and hood magnets, slow vehicle, etc. I NEED help with jersey/shirt/team logo designs (Hey Patti, I really like the red/white/blue SA logo, need a high resolution graphic).

I need Jersey design ideas, and someone to figure out how/where to get them. I'd like matching team warm-ups, but that is pure icing. Not necessary, and may be counter-productive to the cause.

I raised over $5000 last year for the FOA ride. I want to exceed that this year, by at least a 50% increase to $7500. Update: Donation Link is here. for the Face of America, I'll have to figure something out for donations to a "team fund" and what it'll go towards. UPDATE: fixed the link.

Finall (and this list is far from all-inclusive) I need teammates and support personnel during the event. FOA does a good job overall with support, but many hand make light work.

More to follow.


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