Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winning the Best Milblogger award

Is frankly, an honor I don't deserve. That honor belongs squarely to Michael Yon. he has my heartfelt thanks for the work he does, and to even be mentioned in the same category with him is an honor in and of itself. I liken it to, as a soldier, being mentioned in the same breath as Audie Murphy, Mike Monsoor, and Paul Smith. As a writer/pundit/raconteur, it puts me in league with Ernie Pyle, Samuel Clemens, and Ayn Rand.

2008's Best Milblogger: Michael Yon. He's also preparing to sue Michael Moore for blatantly stealing his work, which tells you how totally awesome he is. If you don't Know Michael, you should be viewing his body of work weekly, at the very least.


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