Saturday, February 21, 2009

Does this tin foil hat make me look fat?

Can anyone tell my why online newspapers decided they had to start allowing comments on news articles?  Of the local news sites, I like the way KTAR does it best.  You have to click on a button to see the comments on a separate page.   AZCentral, on the other hand, puts them right at the bottom of the article.  It's like when there's an accident at the side of the road.  You look, even though you know you may see something you don't want to see.

There's a short article today about how the 363rd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company of the Arizona Army National Guard is deploying to Iraq.  Sometimes they don't allow comments on articles about controversial subjects, but they left this one open.  And it doesn't take long for the tin foil brigade to show up:

"Aren't there enough people over there already..." It amazes me how many people don't seem to realize that when one group deploys, it's usually to replace one that's coming home, at least now that the surge is over.

And as for "I mean if their [SIC] that evil and bad over there.... let them clean up the mess". Yup, let the bad guys police themselves. If we just leave them alone, they'll become nice. Really. Maybe we should ask Mexico to try that with the drug cartels.

Helen? Helen Thomas, is that you?

From the Mayo Clinic:
Signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:

Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
Delusions, such as believing a co-worker wants to poison you
Verbal confrontations
Patronizing manner
Suicidal thoughts and behavior
Oh, and while I wrote this post, both comments got a "thumbs up" vote.

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