Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Time to invest in new survey software

I'm sure it's only a brief moment in time where a survey on a page like has less than 10 total votes or the respondents have so far only chosen two of the three choices.

But if you put up the following survey:
What does President Obama's performance so far tell you about his leadership?
  1. He's a good decision-maker.
  2. His actions are divorced from his campaign rhetoric.
  3. I'm still withholding judgment.

    and seven people have responded, four voting for answer #2, three voting for answer #3, can you explain to me why there is any blue result bar at all for answer #1?

    Of course, if you go to the site to find the poll, someone has since actually selected answer #1, so it's not looking like that anymore.

    I don't blame bias, I blame crappy software.

    But then, I blame nearly everything on crappy software. Well, everything that's not Karl Rove's fault.

    -Code Monkey

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