Monday, March 09, 2009

2009 Military Blog Conference

Matt posted the original, I just stole his work.

Hey, folks, the 2009 Military Blog Conference registration is open. Hotel rooms are going fast, too, so make sure to reserve one (with the discount for the conference). Carren and I will not be attending this year, although we may be able to pop in for a drink or thirty during the evening. I'm riding in the Face of America bike ride, which is unfortunately the same weekend. Laughingwolf from Blackfive is riding too, as is the first soldiersangel I ever met, Kathleen.

Some details:

April 24-25th

- It's in DC this year. All events are at the Westin Arlington Gateway (where the rooms are being held).
- The opening cocktail reception will have a charity theme to it so you can have refreshment and help raise money for a good cause. (And it will be really fun!)
- The panels are still being formed but look to be different from years past.
- There is a field trip on Sunday to visit some historic tanks. (Again, I really wish I could be there.)

Go here to reserve your seat for the conference.

Go here to reserve your room with the Milblog discount.

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