Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Features

A few new features have been added to the blog.  (I have to make a note of them on the blog or else they're "undocumented features."  Sorry, geek humor, couldn't resist.)

If you check the newly renamed and improved "Follow me" section in the sidebar, there are some new icons:

- Links to Chuck on Facebook so you can send him a friend request if you haven't already.  (Don't bother trying to find me.  They wouldn't let me sign up as "Software Simian.")

- Links to Chuck's Twitter page where you can follow him.  Links to new posts here will show up over there, so if you're all into Twitter, you can get updates from this blog there now. 

- A few clicks and you can follow the blog through Blogger, Google FriendConnect, or Google Reader.

 -Follow this blog on Technorati.  I know, there's already a link for Technorati, but I was on a roll.  And I liked the icon.

~Code Monkey

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