Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing to see here, move along...

'Dangerous' computer worm no cause for alarm, experts say

Fears of a Conficker Meltdown Greatly Exaggerated

April Fool's Conficker Threat is Likely Hype

Oh wait...

Parliament hit by Conficker virus

If it's no big deal, then why has Microsoft put out a $250,000 bounty on the writers of the virus?

A special thanks to every person that calls themselves a geek who tells people not to worry about Conficker.C. There are too many Windows users who will be lulled into complacency if they think that this won't affect them.

If you run Windows and your system is not current on security packs and patches or you don't have current antivirus, do so now. This virus is "no cause for alarm" ONLY if you have secured your computer. This is not a myth.

If you haven't done so, it's no different than hiring a $5 hooker and skipping the raincoat.

Oh man, it just keeps getting better:
Search for 'Conficker' Could Lure Virus

Symantec is warning Web users that searching for information on computer viruses such as Conficker could put them at risk of unintentionally downloading the virus on to their PC.
Do I expect Armageddon? No. Do I expect to spend 4/1 wishing I had gone into horticulture? Probably, but only because some people should just not be allowed to own a computer.

And for all you Mac users, keep it to yourself. If all the stupid Windows users went out and bought Macs, and Apple had more than 10% of the market share, then the hackers and script kiddies would set their sights on you guys.

~Code Monkey

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