Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Vampire 6 Shirts

I am passing this on to you, not because it is an attempt to raise money for Soldiers’ Angels, but because it is an example of the caliber of person that is our United States Military. This link is to a website AfghanistanShrugged. It is written by a soldier, call sign Vampire 6, who is currently deployed at a very remote FOB in Afghanistan. He is a Team Chief for an embedded training team and is on the front lines fighting the fight everyday. Through a joint project between Soldiers’ Angels and Web of Support we have been able to provide support to Vampire 6 and his team.

Rather than just accepting support, Vampire 6 and his team have decided to “pay it forward”. They have recently purchased Unit t-shirts and have convinced the t-shirt designer to donate $5.00 of every t-shirt sold to Soldiers’ Angels. Upon learning of this I asked Vampire 6 if there were any special items that his team could use with the money collected. His answer was no and he stated “just thought we could help you guys out with some additional monies to help those that deploy after us.” The story is on his blog here. “Paying it Forward” while still in the thick of it - impressive.

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