Saturday, April 18, 2009



Carren and i have decided to sell the house for this move. If you know anyone in western PA who is looking for a place to live, and can swing a $158 K mortgage, they'll be happy.

The particulars:
Single story ranch with partially finished basement. Appx 1500 Heated square feet, 2 car garage, hardwood floor, 1960's construction, gas heat, fireplace, BIG yard (which I have worked diligently to keep nice), less than 1/4 mile to LOWE'S, 2 miles to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2 miles to Walmart, 2 Miles to downtown Indiana. 900 feet to the elementary school. 2 full baths, 3 bed rooms, laundry in basement, LOTS of built-in storage in basement, including a sewing table, large kitchen remodled in 2005, new cabinets/appliances, gas stove, large living room and dining room, foyer.

Speaking of dilligent yard care, that's what Carren and I did today. Take out old mulch, put down new weed mats, plant new azeleas, replace mulch, put in new borders. Mow yard and trim, pressure wash house. Dig up wildflower bed in back yard, burn compost on top, till in to soil, replant new hummingbird/butterfly mix.

Replaced broken exterior light with motion sensing lights. Pressure wash exterior stars to basement. Plant new grass seeds on bare spot on lawn.

Then everyone grabs a shower, we go to Eat n' Park (also less than 1 mile away) for dinner, and I come home for a nightcap comprised of 1600mg motrin, 2 vicodin HP (1320 mg paracetamol and 20 mg hydrocodone) a heating pad and time on the T.E.N.S. Unit.


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