Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patch "CorkSucker" Adams goes to Gaza--with Code Farking Pink

As a "doctor/clown," I have traveled the world over to bring the healing power of laughter to children and adults in virtually every corner of the world -- from Afghanistan, to Bosnia, to Haiti. Right now, there is a group of children who are really in need of healing -- the children of the Gaza Strip. Please help me bring some healing and laughter -- as well as playgrounds, sports equipment and medicines -- to the shattered young lives of this war-torn region.

The 1.5 million people of the Gaza Strip (more than half of them children) have had their homes destroyed, their playgrounds crushed and their schools gutted in the recent Israeli attack on this small, crowded corner of the world. Their borders -- both on the Israeli and Egyptian sides --are closed, making it impossible to rebuild.

For the first time ever, we'll be part of a coordinated effort to push open the borders by land and by sea!
On June 5, I will join CODEPINK: Women for Peace, the Coalition of Women for Peace (Israel) and more than 100 American and Israeli peace activists -- Jews, Muslims, Christians and everything in between. We will set up an encampment on the Israeli border calling for a lifting of the siege. We will be joined by over 150 people trying to enter Gaza through Egypt and others coming by sea.

So what we have here is a douchetastic doctor, who is joining forces with the fuschia fucktards ™, to go to Gaza and help treat sick kids and rebuild roads, schools, Churches Mosques, and mortar pits Playgrounds.

Hey Patchouli, if you really want to help these kids, how's about convincing their dads to stop firing rockets into Israel? That would very likely "end the violence." Are you taking Medea "Medusa" Benjamin and Cindy "Nucking Futz Opportunist Attention Whore" Sheehan with you? If you are, could you leave them there? Another tactic you could use would be to threaten Israel with a sit-in in front of their bulldozers. That worked for her (even better than we expected).

C'mon Patches, Robin Williams made a movie about you that made you seem likable, even honorable. Do you really have to go this far off the deep end to try to regain you "buck the system" cred? Cause this isn't working, fella. You are getting attention, but I don't think your hospital/clown college will see many donations coming in from Americans who support Palestinian terrorists.


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