Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Warrior Legacy Foundation

The Warrior Legacy Foundation protects and promotes the reputation and dignity of every American veteran.

Our Tenets are:

I. Defend the Defenders

(through advocacy and policy influence, we will enhance our warriors ability to fight and win)

II. Care for the Wounded

(we will never stop fighting for dignified and complete care of our wounded troops)

III. Honor the Sacrifices

(we will never forget the Fallen and we will honor the sacrifices made by military families)

Ever thought about joining the VFW? AMVets? IAVA? VFF? American legion? The issue I have with all of these organizations (and many others) is that they claim to be non-partisan, and then, when the mood suits them, they become partisan, and start advocating for other things that have nothing to do with their original intent (Like the AARP, which originally started out as a group-life insurance policy, and then became a voting bloc which is driving us to national poverty because it so staunchly defends social security, because apparently, the only people in the greatest generation who could do math have already died.)

I digress. This is something that is going to be big. A national organization founded on simple principles. Three simple ideas, which are the basis of what other groups should've been focusing on.

You, even you non-veterans,can join the WLF and spread the word:

One unapologetic message with millions of messengers.

Veterans make the community in which they live a better place.


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