Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Gunblogger Rendezvous IV Fast Approaching

Stolen from Ride Fast because he did a better job than I could:
Mr. Completely (go here for lots more info in the 5 W's) wants everybody to remember that the Fourth Annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous is just over two months away.
If your going it's probably about time to register, make reservations at the Silver Legacy (a big step-up from Circuis-Circuis IMO), and book your flights.
If your not going you should change your mind and go. CHANGE! CHANGE AND HOPE! This will be the best one yet.

Here are some highlights (context liberated from Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority):
Alan Gura, the lawyer who won D.C. v Heller will be attending. (BTW, the first anniversary of that victory was last FRIDAY. How time flies!)
At the pizza dinner Saturday night, you can bid on an autographed Heller Kitty T-shirt donated by me. Yeah, we're fanboyz of a lawyer. Get over it.

Firearms lawyer and blogger Mark Knapp will also be attending.

Along with Glock, Para USA, Brownell's, Dillon Precision, Crimson Trace and many others, the National Shooting Sports Federation is now a sponsor, and will be picking up the tab for the pizza dinner on Saturday, thus allowing the $30 registration fee to be donated to Project Valour-IT. (The adult beverage tab will, however, still be ours.)

In addition to the Para GI Expert that I personally am donating, Para USA is donating another as yet undisclosed pistol for the Saturday evening raffle. I'm not certain yet, but I believe for that one you must be present to win.

Hi Point firearms is donating one of their carbines this year, rather than a pistol, so you have a chance to win one of at least THREE (3) firearms, and your odds are pretty damned good. Not to mention the other great swag provided by the ever-increasing number of fine sponsors.

Instead of just ONE day of shooting at the fine Palomino Valley Gun Club range, there may be the opportunity to go shooting THREE times - General blastage on Friday, Steel Challenge and Action Pistol-type shooting on Saturday, and possibly Cowboy Quick-Draw for those who are able to attend on Sunday. That's still being worked out, but things are coming together.

And, as always, there will be plenty of sitting around shooting the breeze in the hospitality room, and I believe we will be visited by a representative of the NRA again this year. (I want to know where my wheelbarrows full of money are.)

So make your plans to attend! This promises to be the biggest gathering yet.
The gig is being held at the Silver Legacy this year. They have a whole page of "special offers". The Great Reno Balloon Race coincides with the Rondy weekend. Some of the amenities offered by the Silver Legacy are: health spa, pool, full service hair salon, shoe shine, Segway rentals, Adventure Desk (outdoor activities in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area), Concierge service and property wide wireless Internet access.

The Commandress of Ride Fast fame is probably going to take advantage of the Harley Rental option. She and some of the gals that aren't goin' shootin' are going to rent Hogs and go tour the brothels outside of Virginia City. There is truly something for everyone.

Also, any bloggers reading this, steal all or part (including links) and lets get this plastered all over the blog-o-sphere since WE are the only advertisers of this gig.

I have to see what CGSC has in store for me that weekend, but I plan on attending at least part of the GBR-IV. --Chuck

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