Friday, July 24, 2009

Roadrunner Nospeed from time warner cable

The Odyssey continues.

The cable internets guy came yesterday. After hoking everything up, there's no internet signal coming from the backbone. What that means is that everything is groovy out to the neighborhood box, but that's where the issue is. What *that* means is another service call from timewarner to fix the neighborhood box. Supposedly they will come today. I'm not betting on it.

Today is also supposed to be the day directv comes to hook us up. I saved $85 by buying my own pole and pole pounder instead of having them put a pole in the ground, as the army doesn't want us mounting the dish to the roof. I just need the tv guy to tell me where to put the pole so I can be sure the dish can receive signals from the satellite. Odds that I'll wait all day and neither of them will show up? I'm going with about 7-10 against.

No word yet on the Mrs. job hunting, she did find another vacancy at a hospital in KC as a social worker, so that may pan out as well.

For all you KC-area readers, I am thinking of a blogmeet sometime soon (off-post, as it'll save many of you the trouble of going through the gate) and may even be able to coerce John from Castle Arrrghh! to come. Just lemme know in the comments if any of you are interested, and recommend a place to meet up (KC Masterpiece, Cheesecake factory, if anyone wants to spring for Ruth's Chris steakhouse I'm game.)


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